Edutyee (ET)

Edutyee is a UK based consulting firm. His main fields of work are tertiary education, international certification, human resources, engineering and computer software services consultancy. In line with these purposes, Edutyee attaches great importance to strategic partnerships.

Edutee Ltd was established as a consultancy company in London, England in July 2021. Edutyee, on the other hand, provides technical consultancy services while choosing the settlement as the main field of work and increasing the competence of the employees. Since its establishment, Edutyee consultancy has gained a more qualified structure by collaborating with international institutions in London, which is its education base, and has started to try to accelerate the flow of students from abroad to London.

Edutyee consultancy, which first made a cooperation agreement as Castle Language center, has made goodwill agreements with Sofia Technical University, WSG University in Poland and Ukrainian Financial University. The fact that individual and corporate consultancy from Edutyee company has been carried out is an indication that Edutyee consulting company is on the right track.

Prof. Dr. Osman YILDIRIM
Director of EDUTYEE